Check the gay news has been easier with advocacy for

Maybe they're voting Conservative next year. It creates the impression of a great magnanimous hetero-society kindly accepting these poor unfortunate souls who aren't to blame for their own afflictions as if gay men and women need to feel any more excluded from mainstream culture. Under his watch, The Advocate fully transformed into a national news magazine covering events important to the homosexual community, including the gay rights movement, art and culture.

I'll admit I was, upon watching his music video for Stay With Mesomewhat surprised by his not being black. They're not addicts wanting to be understood beyond their addiction. That's not over-saturation; it's influence, and it's something our community needs more of, not less.

Democratic platform includes free abortions, official 'gay marriage' support.

Lesbian feminist: suspending Duck Dynasty star is 'fascist'. More Information. Washington Catholics say 'gay marriage' backers mislead.

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Your contributions make our work possible! Conversely, right-wing, anti-gay pundits, religious and "family" organizations, blogs and news sites, from media mogul Andrew Breitbart's fictive news reporting and opining empire, to Rush Limbaugh, to Fox News, all walk in lockstep, delivering a unified message daily.

Why are so many gay news sites finding it so challenging to stay afloat? Virtual Hours Mon-Fri 9 a. Maybe they're voting Conservative next year. Join HuffPost. The original article was at The Advocate.

The loss of LGBT media is not only the loss of a news outlet but the loss of a soldier in the battle for equality. Hogan, Steve; Hudson, Lee Duck Dynasty suspension over gay comments sparks criticism. This wiki. The Advocate Experience was a two-weekend, all-day series of extensive self-realization workshops to bring self-acceptance, awareness and tolerance within the LGBT community.

Check the gay news has been easier with advocacy for

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